Gen 2 - Few issues addressed under extended warranty - P0521, washer fluid pump, leaking front axle

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Jul 7, 2018
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Trabuco Canyon, CA
I figured it would be worth sharing a few things that I had addressed this week by my dealer under the extended warranty. My 2018 has 62000 miles on it now and found it odd to have some things pop up now. I've been through cam phaser change and the usual recalls (too many of them in my opinion).

First issue: Oddly, after my regular oil change I got home and the windshield washers were barely squirting any fluid. I could hear the pump running but just a few drops would come out. The front grill washer appeared to work fine. I was worried it may be a rodent or something chewing through the lines but no visible leak. It was only odd because the dealer charged me to fill the reservoir with fluid during the oil change. I replaced the hose assy that connects to the nozzles thinking that Y valve had failed. That made no difference. It turned out that the motor and pump assembly needed to be replaced. Part number JL3Z*17664*A

Second Issue: Front axle leaking oil. This was not a drip, but oil was seeping out of the front right axle. Not sure how many hours it took to sort that out, but they had to remove the front half shaft assembly and replace a number of small parts (seal, nuts, bolts, etc.). I've never subjected my truck to anything extreme. Living in CA not much 4WD has been used either. Wonder if this is just from lack of use of the front drive assy.

Third issue: Check engine light came on. My Ford app told me it had something to do with oil pressure sending unit with improper voltage. It turned out to be Code P0521. The oil pressure sending unit was leaking and covered the harness with oil. They replaced the sending unit part number GN1Z*9D290*D and the wire assembly part number HU2Z*14S411*BA. There is a note indicating they had to remove the alternator to access the harness and :use 14SA11, MT-0.8 MT-122 274-200". I assume this is just nuts and bolts they replaced.

Happy I got the extended warranty through Flood, which cost me $1500 at the time. I thought this would be worth posting in the event anyone has these issues and want to do the work yourself. I would have no issue with the washer fluid pump or oil pressure sending unit, but no way would I tackle the leaking drive shaft. Hoping I don't have any more of these kinds of issues!