Fox FRS Shock & Icon UCA Rebuild Parts List (Sticky?)

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Aug 24, 2016
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Hello, I just went through the process of having my Fox Factory Racing Live Valve Shocks rebuilt, along with a full rebuild of the ICON Delta Joint UCAs, and also my factory LCA for my 2019 Gen2
Here are the part numbers for everything as it was quite a process to make sure everything would work and fit properly. the hardest part was finding the seals because Fox had no idea about which seal kit was needed which I found shocking honestly.
Icon UCA Full rebuild requires....

295514 – Rod end with bearing (x4)
197502 – Inner Spacer (x4)
197503 – Outer Spacer (x4)
605145 – Flanged Cap Screw (x8)
614554 – Delta Joint Kit (x1)
217520 – Adjustment Sleeve (x4)
Cost was about $817 for these parts. Everything is new on my UCAs except the aluminum arm itself.
For the Shocks they require this seal kit (you need 4 of these)



Those cost me $42.50 x 4 . and I believe they work with the non live valve FRS 3.0s also.
Here is a link to them:

The LCA was rebuilt also and I'm glad I did it as the ball joints had a lot of play in them also. Parts for that was around $100 and all that is required are the two factory LCA ball joints.

My truck had about 45,000 miles on the shocks. i daily the truck and offroad once every couple of months and i am not easy on the truck. One of my shocks was at 50PSI and they need to be at 200. I was told I needed to get them checked every year for the proper nitrogen pressure. Also make sure your rod ends are sprayed and coated with an anti rust coating to prevent decay. Put a coating on your shocks also as it really helps the rebuilder when they can come apart more easily.

After i got the truck back it feels brand new. its that new car feeling where you feel the bumps but the truck just soaks is up without any rattle or loose feeling. i noticed a major improvement in feel right away.

total cost was around $2500 with parts and labor. I hope this helps anyone else out who needs this kind of work done. i know it took quite a bit of time to find all the correct parts required!