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Aug 17, 2021
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Sep 8, 2021
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Camas, Wa
I was watching that auction closely. During the auction I emailed the seller to get some more info as well. I think he was a standup and honest seller that I wouldn’t have hesitated to buy from. He even mentioned it had a fresh transmission rebuild at a Ford dealer.
Was hoping to get a great deal partially due to the lack of commenters, lack of service details, and few photos in the auction. I know it had low miles but I think it was a fair price.
I’ve been looking at Roush Raptors for a little over a year and I think I have a realistic sense of what they are selling for.
A few things that I think kept this price down:
The top perch mod. I’ve read that this mod can cause axle issues for ‘13-‘14’s with the Thorsen diff.
While the brakes are a big improvement replacement parts are pretty expensive and not easily available in a pinch. You also can’t run 17” or many 18” wheels with these brakes.
I don’t believe it was a Roush numbered truck. Meaning it may have not been modified by Roush but the supercharger added at the dealer or later. Maybe not a big deal but I’d prefer one that was to ensure it has the radiator and boost gauge and?
The undercarriage looked clean but being a Midwest truck for part of its life….we know how these rust.
I know many people like the aftermarket lights and bumpers but many of us would prefer it stock.
In the end I wish I would’ve bought the one owner 51k mile Ruby Roush last year from Mammoth Lakes, Ca. Could’ve gotten it for $48-$50. Funny, a wholesaler bought it, auctioned it and it ended up at a Toyota dealer in Tacoma, Wa for $57k for sale for months!
Maybe gas prices will loosen up the prices a little bit.