tire experience

  1. HK92

    Best On-Road Tire

    I need new [35 x 12.5 R17] tires for my 2011 Gen 1 Raptor w/ 125k miles. My Raptor never goes off-road - purely a daily driver / pavement princess. I never use it for work/hauling/towing. I also live in Georgia, so I don't need something snow rated. The options out there are honestly...
  2. Phil O

    Tire Experience

    Hello guys, looking at tires and wanted to see if anyone here had any real experience with either of the following tires on their Gen2 in the same size as the stock KO2’s. Cooper STT Pro Nitto Ridge Grappler BFG KM3 I did recently put on 17” Venomrex 602’s which are 10lbs lighter than the...