1. blemm13

    GEN 2 Questions about recently purchased used Gen 2

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a used 2018 Raptor with about 58k miles on it. I purchased it from a dealership and got a smoking deal on it, including a free lifetime powertrain warranty. Unfortunately, this meant I wasn’t able to speak with the previous owner about the mods he did to the...
  2. Shrugy

    GEN 1 Nice To Meet Everyone! (Check Engine Light Help) on my Raptor Stage 2 Roush Supercharged 2011 Screw (New To Me)

    Hey Everyone, I've recently acquired a 2011 White Roush Stage 2 Supercharged Raptor! Exterior and Interior are MINT! Extremely happy. With any new vehicle, i'm still trying to learn everything I need to know and my main concern right now is mechanically having this many miles along with a...