lift kit

  1. blemm13

    GEN 2 Questions about recently purchased used Gen 2

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a used 2018 Raptor with about 58k miles on it. I purchased it from a dealership and got a smoking deal on it, including a free lifetime powertrain warranty. Unfortunately, this meant I wasn’t able to speak with the previous owner about the mods he did to the...
  2. KirkT

    New raptor owner in orange county, velocity blue

    new owner check, almost two month of driving I really enjoyed. Changed antenna, fill the void of bumper with rigid lights (spot, driving, fog), put cover on (pace edwards), which is the least expensive rolling hard cover you can buy, look really nice. First surprise: It can fit my garage, yeah...
  3. customtruckshop

    2017-UP Ford F150 Raptor Suspension System - Stage 2 - On Sale

    ICON Vehicle Dynamic 2017-UP Ford F150 Raptor Suspension System - Stage 2 - Kit# K93152 On Sale! We have an overstock of the Stage 2 kit and we want to get them moved. This special pricing is for FRF members ONLY. DM or email us for special pricing. Let us know if you need it shipped or if you...