front bumper

  1. Joe Durrt

    FOR SALE: Gen 3 Pro Frame Cut Front Bumper (BRAND NEW/ADD Offroad)

    Hey Guys, I am helping a buddy of mine make some room in his shop and he's got a Gen 3 Frame Cut Front Bumper from ADD Offroad that he wants to sell (he has another one for sale thats for a Gen 2 but i'll post info for that one in the Gen 2 section) This Pro Frame Cut Front Bumper for Gen 3...

    Phantom Bumper Group Buy

    Spring is here and the snow is finally melting away (well, in most places)! We're offering a rare 2nd group buy for the ADD Phantom bumper. Here are the specifications of the group buy: - Minimum purchase: 5 customers - Customers must buy bumper with lights which will also be heavily...
  3. aaroncooper

    part number or ordering information

    Does anyone have the part number or ordering information for the front bumper covers on the adaptive cruise control modules? I need to replace my driver side. Thank you
  4. ImAllSCREWdUp

    LCA Mount Reinforcement & Aftermarket Bumper

    Ive scoured the Google machine and FRF for definitive answers to my questions with no luck. My two questions: 1. Is there an aftermarket kit for reinforcing the stock LCA mounts by 'boxing' them in? I found this thread for Gen 1...

    Gen2 ADD bumpers in stock - front and rear

    Anyone in the market for a bumper? We've got about 16 different styles of ADD bumpers in stock for the Gen2 and Gen3 Raptor at...