aux switch

  1. david23baca

    2020 Ford Raptor Aux Switchs

    How do I tell what Aux Switch is right for my light bar? Trying to run light bars off my ADD honeycomb bumper to one Aux Outfitter Switch and two pod lights to one Aux Switch. Is it possible?
  2. J

    Aux 4 switch (only) no power

    Hoping you guys can help me with a 2020 Raptor aux switch issue. I suddenly lost functionality of several aftermarket accessories I had wired into the upfitter aux switches or battery power directly. I opened the hood and found the mess in the pic thanks to a squirrel (which I have seen come out...
  3. blemm13

    GEN 2 Questions about recently purchased used Gen 2

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a used 2018 Raptor with about 58k miles on it. I purchased it from a dealership and got a smoking deal on it, including a free lifetime powertrain warranty. Unfortunately, this meant I wasn’t able to speak with the previous owner about the mods he did to the...
  4. Troutrad

    Aux Switch Amperage issue

    Hey all: I’m planning on doing some lighting upgrades on my 2019. Many of the light bars I’m looking at draw 20+ amps yet the aux switches have fuses of 15, 10 and 5 amps for switches 1-2, 3-4, and 5-6 respectively. How are people hooking up light bars exceeding these values? Sorry if a dumb...