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    What did u do to your raptor today?

    I used forged offroads 66lb-ft spec.
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    What did u do to your raptor today?

    Well we did it yesterday but installed new factory shocks, Icon leaf springs and Forged Offroad bump stop plates. Rides very nice compared to stock 64,000 mile shocks and springs. Shout out to [email protected] for the great deal on the springs and plates and also the technical advice.
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    2013 SVT Raptor shifting

    That sucks. I'd start with what car stereo said and go from there. The lead frame can cause a lot of problems. I did mine before they issued a recall in my garage. Wasn't too bad. Should be an easy job for you and your dad especially if he's a mechanic and you've already had the transmission pan...
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    2013 SVT Raptor shifting

    I would still do the lead frame if it hasn't been done. Any limp mode issues or a wrench symbol on the dash?
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    2020 Oxford White 802A, 16k miles

    Nice truck. Did you ever get your Gen3? What is the build date on this truck?
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    Pics of new hood graphic

    Looks great. What kind of shape was it in? Mine looks like a bunch of little cracks. Probably going to be a nightmare to take off.
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    Cracked valve cover driverside

    Hell yes. That’s always the excuse.
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    What did u do to your raptor today?

    You've got a lot of options. I've got the Corsa extreme and it sounds great. Pricey but worth it in my opinion.
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    For those that went to the Darkside (TRX)

    There's some guys on the TRX forum that made the jump and have been happy. I have even considered it. Always loved the hellcat vehicles and to have that in a truck is pretty badass in my opinion. 04Ram2500Hemi summed it up pretty good.
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    Cam phaser #3

    Yikes!! That really sucks man. I've been debating about selling and getting a Gen2 but the cam phaser issues are troubling.
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    FINALLY joined the fraternity!

    Nice truck and welcome!
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    Rear Diff Cover Loose Bolts

    Blue loctite, lube locker gasket and stock or upgraded bolts as stated above.
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    New Gen 1 owner Colorado

    Nice find! Congrats.