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  • ill talk to him thanks. thats about 2 and half hours away. not too bad of ride. never dealt with him before. obviously he must be good if ur traveling 4 hours so he can do ur wrap. how is he price wise, fair?
    i'm going to integrate some bright colors to contrast the white. that's all i can say. don't want to give up my ideas! go see Ernie at FTR...he is in Emmaus, PA. not too far from you right? i am making the 4 hour drive down for him to do the graphics when mine comes in.
    yes, graphics galore. all custom. the final touches are what pushed this vision over the top for me. you will nothing that's ever been done before.
    I noticed you have HID lights with a mid perch. Do you have a problem with people flashing you at night. Or any cops pulled you over because your lights are too bright. I'm on mid perch on mine and deciding if want HID's
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