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    3 years, 11 months, and 46,132 miles I finally get Cam Phaser problem

    Mine sounds like yours sometimes, buy not always. I've had the cold start rattle for a while, but have just ignored it. It's getting worse now, especially when truck isn't started for 2 or 3 days. Truck runs fine after starting. Guess I'll have to start calling dealers and try and get it in.
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    2019 Mustang GT or 2019 Raptor?

    Have had 2 different newer Mustangs recently, but always found myself jumping in the Raptor, so they are gone. Still have my 84 Mustang which I'll never get rid of.
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    Collectors Truck

    Internal combustion engine vehicles.
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    New Member from Glendale, AZ

    Congrats and welcome from North Phoenix!
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    Worth Upgrading between 2018 and 2019/20?

    I've thought about trading my 2018 for a low mileage 2020 just to avoid the cam phaser repair my 2018 needs. Not crazy about my truck being torn apart. Only reason I would do it though.
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    Cam Phaser debacle

    That's weird. I've never had to add a drop of oil in mine between 5k oil changes. Also have had cam phaser rattle for a while and really hasn't gotten any worse.
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    Seat cover wrinkles/Warranty issues...thoughts?

    I would care. You spend that much on a premium truck, and the seats shouldn't be wrinkly. Shouldn't leave the factory that way. It would bug the hell out of me. My 2018 seats are nice and tight, just like over 3 years ago when I drove it off the lot.
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    Dead Gen 2 35k Miles

    Do you mind me asking who your dealer is if in AZ? Thanks!
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    INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY- Join me in investing in our Own Desert Oasis!

    I'm guessing the trailer was there first and everything else added on. That's usually how it works. Lol
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    Ford is warning dealers to play nice or lose....

    Yeah, I'm an idiot, but new Tundras look totally ridiculous.
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    Financing Gen3 purchase

    No apologies necessary. You did nothing wrong. Good luck!
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    Throw Practicality in the Toilet. Do It!!!

    I drive a white 2018 Raptor (doesn't look like a work truck to me). Wife drives a 2018 white Cayenne. We live down a dusty road, so best color for that. Also, she doesn't drive my Raptor, and I don't drive her Cayenne. ;)
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    I pulled the plug on mine, too......

    Mind me asking what dealer this was?
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    Hello, Very new Newbie in Texas

    Thanks for some clarification on this. I have a 7/18 build and have had the cam phaser issue for a while now. Haven't been in a big hurry to get it taken care, but will eventually. Just to confirm, this will not cause any harm to engine if not taken care of right away?