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    Atlas blue

    there are no pictures of regular F-150s in atlas as it is only a 2022 color, the ford lightning has a couple pictures in atlas and there are plenty of super duties in atlas blue though....its a bit darker than velocity
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    Cancelling my Purchase

    Thanks guys, I'm sure I'll eventually end up in a Gen 3
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    Cancelling my Purchase

    Thanks, honestly can't complain too much, have 3 healthy kids, nice house and vehicles. It's just getting too difficult with our work schedules and school/childcare (especially with covid) for both of us to work our busy schedules (we are both physicians and between call, hospital rounding for...
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    Cancelling my Purchase

    Unfortunately, due to unforeseen changes at home my wife is going to stop working this winter so I canceled my deposit for a 2022 as I don't want to over-extend our finances. Just giving people a heads up and shout out to a great dealer: Frederick Ford in Seaford, DE. Tim the sales manager...
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    Scored a 2022 for MSRP - Is this legit?

    Sounds legit....for 2022 it seems like the ADM is less based on posting here and many getting MSRP orders.....also that truck has a lot of options so they will make at least 6 or 7k off of the sale at MSRP not to mention the interest rate. in terms of big deal there...ive done it...
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    Had a ‘22 Raptor at MSRP. Now it’s no MSRP for you!

    wow, that is the dealer that I called and asked about raptors...I said I was ordering one out of state for MSRP and asked if they would do MSRP before I placed the order....the lady called me back and said the manager would cut me a break and only ask $20k over instead of their normal ADM (which...
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    Need some help dotting the i's on my order

    similar experience here except my dealer said that they did not have any allocation but might get one down the road....4 weeks later still no allocation but surprise-suprise mine has a vin and is supposedly scheduled....I do have an email with confirmation of MSRP and also text.....gave a $500...
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    GEN 3 Official Aftermarket Wheels Thread

    I like that, might go a similar route if/when truck is built....did they give other options besides black (ie...gunmetal) and I'm assuming can go satin or gloss too?
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    If you truck was built with 801A and Pro Power After Mid October, you will be waiting!

    It was just a post on blue oval forums that there are certain options not currently available for scheduling due to supply……pro power was one of them this past week, now if you have a VIN and are scheduled than they probably have enough for you but if not then the pro power will likely delay things
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    If you truck was built with 801A and Pro Power After Mid October, you will be waiting!

    so no mention here about 801a and Pro Power, is it specifically that combo? (I ordered that combo), would an 801a without pro power be ok?
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    Atlas Blue Pictures?

    closest I have found is the ford lightning in blue and a bunch of super duty pics/videos with atlas blue as well as explorer too ive seen 2 trucks in person (1 SD, 1 Ford Edge)
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    new Raptor hood scoop

    I thought it was less bro-tactic than gen2...IMO gen 2 hood heat extractor looks more aggressive.
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    2022 Order Already Delayed + bonus raptor pics

    nice, you are lucky you got the email, many of us didn't, 10 priority is good and pushes it to first in line for the dealer but they do need an allocation apparently (what I'm told on the forum dealer said they didn't but I have a vin so who knows). time to get the truck is up in the...
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    2022 Order Banks

    damn, you guys are lucky, I didn't receive any email....I do have a VIN though so I guess I should be good eventually
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    man seems like a lot of hassle....might not get 20k above msrp.....even in NJ I could buy at any dealer for that much or les for an on the lot truck and would be original owner, can do trade in, you would technically need to pay capital gains tax on the 20k and probably not make...