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    2022 Order Banks

    So, I'm looking into ordering a 2022 because my 2021 is still unscheduled. Looking at smaller dealers because the big ones seem to play more games with ADM, etc. I contacted one dealer and they told me they can get an allocation with a signed order. Does that make sense? Or would they not get an...
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    Unscheduled Clean 2021 Raptor Orders Changed over to 2022

    My 2021 is still unscheduled clean. If the dealer changes to a 2022 do you go to the front of the line for ‘22s? My dealer already has others who have spoken for their 2022 allocations. So does my order go in front of those?
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    Unscheduled Squad

    Thanks, I see that on a picture someone posted of their sticker now. However, my dealer has some incoming that, to my understanding, were ordered as retail orders and they don’t have the “special order” on the electronic window sticker. Is it only the physical window sticker that has it or the...
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    Unscheduled Squad

    I’ve been searching online inventory and one question I have is if there is any way to tell from the window sticker if it is a retail (customer specific) or stock order?
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    Unscheduled Squad

    I am also unscheduled still as of a few minutes ago.
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    Unscheduled Squad

    So this guy Ward at Vision Ford lead a bunch of people on but was just placing orders which he knew he probably wouldn’t get? Wow… Mine was still unscheduled-clean on Friday, guess I need to check into it tomorrow. Didn’t order through Vision though.
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    Carbon Fiber package no longer includes a carbon fiber shifter ... grrrr!

    Are there videos and/or pictures of the interior (35) with and without the package?
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    Gen 3 Pics

    I’m thinking of placing an order for a 2021 but starting to lean towards waiting for a 2022 because none of the colors really do it for me, at least from what I’ve seen from pictures. Having so few real world pics is really making me question ordering yet. Originally I thought I would go with...