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    Booking a Trip to Colorado - Where to go?

    Yep, a Raptor will fit on both trails and went through the tunnel no problem.
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    Booking a Trip to Colorado - Where to go?

    We try to hit Gold Camp Road and Old Stage Road every summer. There is nothing really challenging on either trail, great scenery though and fun roads to drive on though. They are easy to get to from Colorado Springs and the access to both is right above the Broadmoor. I'd recommend doing...
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    Need help with bird droppings

    You could call Falcon Force and get a Raptor to protect your Raptor. We stayed at a resort in Mexico recently that used these to keep the seagulls etc away, worked well.
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    Still Waiting for the rear fox 3.0's for gen 1 to be delivered that I purchased 6 months ago

    You might want to check with these guys. They rebuild the Fox Shocks for the Raptor and know their stuff. I'd think the parts to rebuild these would be more readily available than a complete shock but who knows. Tribe 16 7709 Maplewood Ave, North Richland Hills, TX 76180 Phone: (817) 945-2284
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    Gen 2 Raptor Front Driveshaft | PN JL34-4A376-GA | $200

    Front driveshaft, fits a GEN 2 Raptor ('17-'20). The part number is JL34-4A376-GA. I ordered this from LKQ due to delays my dealer was having getting one in under warranty. This was off a very low mileage truck with under 1k miles on it. I'd prefer local pickup but will ship through UPS at...
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    Raptor R price guessing game

    They still have a flood of people paying ridiculous ADM's for V6 Gen 3 raptors. Why would they buy emissions credits when they can barely find the parts to build the V6 trucks? Unfortunately, I don't think it will ever be built.
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    Really ferd? no bead lock?

    Sorry, just realized I accidentally quoted your earlier response and you'd already answered his question lol I like the way they look too but I honestly wouldn't run them unless your Raptor is primarily used offroad and your having issues losing the bead. Not many tire shops (around here at...
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    Really ferd? no bead lock?

    Those have been converted to true beadlocks. Installation instructions are below which also have torque specs. The wheel pictured is the older style but Ford lists these instructions for both style wheels. Note the torque sequence in the diagram, if you don't follow that you'll have problems...
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    2018 802a, Sell to local dealer?

    I had the same experience trying to sell mine private party 6 months ago. Lots of lowball offers and it ended up just being a waste of time. The dealer made a solid offer on it when my truck arrived so I just traded it in on the new one. It saved me almost $4k tax on the trade-in allowance...
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    Brown Tires

    I've used Griot's Garage Black Satin Tire Coating on spare tires that had turned brown. I just sprayed it on and used a foam pad to even it out and get all of the sidewall covered. The tires looked like new after application and just needed touch up every 3-4 car washes. If they are really...
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    Anyone consider/test drive a TRX, Gen 2 vs. Gen 3 Raptor, and Raptor R?

    I traded my Gen 2 in on a '22 TRX a couple weeks ago. The Raptor was a great truck but the TRX is on another level. Yes it's heavier and gets slightly worse mileage but it's a hell of a lot more fun to drive. I already have 2,500 miles on it and have had zero issues other than a Uconnect bug...
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    Resale/trade-in price?

    I tried give me the vin also, they were offering $1,500 less than the dealers around me when I traded my truck in. The market is much different than it was 6 months ago though.
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    Resale/trade-in price?

    I traded mine in about two weeks ago for $58,500 which made it about $62,000 with the tax savings. It was almost identical to your truck (45k miles, 802A, every option except graphics/Recaros). There are so many of these on the market right now they are getting pretty tough to sell--at least...
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    New to US and Auto Insurance costs

    That is really high, I'd check with other companies. As smurfslayer said it depends a lot on your credit and driving history. Your location and age will be a large factor as well. I've always had good luck with State Farm, suggest contacting them. Also, if you own a home and have a homeowners...