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  1. Roy Esslinger
    Roy Esslinger BIRDMAN
    Is there any chance of you making an exception for possibly the oldest member of your forum that will be driving around town in a brand new ruby red raptor with all the trimmings? Thanks and I will patiently await your reply. Roy
  2. Roy Esslinger
    Roy Esslinger BIRDMAN
    I am going to take off the original running boards as soon as it arrives and would really like to offer them for sale but I only have 23 posts so far and it will take me quite awhile to get to 50 because I don't post anything that's not worthwhile.
  3. Roy Esslinger
    Roy Esslinger BIRDMAN
    Dear Birdman, I am new to this forum because I will have my new Raptor delivered in a few weeks. I just purchased a new set of electric running boards for it from AMP research after getting the advice of one of the other members on a forum I was reading. I will soon be 70 years young and got the new running boards to further help me get in and out of the truck a little easier.
  4. Ray Bones
    Ray Bones
    Why did I walk into this room?
  5. CrotchCritter
    CrotchCritter lawdog
    Hey! Thanks for all your useful info on the B&O system you replied to. One final question as I have everything else hashed out--

    You mentioned 2 ohm replacement 6x9 component speakers up front. The OEM are 4 ohm, is it a problem to use the 2 ohm or will it just play louder?

    Edit: I'm not so sure this is a Private message anymore, so let me know and I'll delete if not. Thanks again for everything.
  6. Halo Raptor
    Halo Raptor NEOGARAGE
    Can you get me a price on the Icon Option 2 springs and Icon adjustable coil collars? 2017 Gen 2
  7. Edbert
    Edbert Dalamar
    Any pics of the '67 fastback? I drove an old "S code" with 4-speed toploader in college. Dropped the fastback in favor of a convertible (which I still have) but every time I see an FB I miss it.
  8. LaTrokitaAzul10
    LaTrokitaAzul10 Imback
    Do you still have the whipple?
  9. dhurley737
    dhurley737 BIRDMAN
    New here - trying to sell some Gen2 beadlock wheels w/ ATKO2's (tires are just about shot but the wheels are in GREAT shape). How can I get to be able to post in classifieds? I'm sure someone is looking for these and I'm looking to sell them. Thanks!
  10. Hpybirthday
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