what features are missing? 2019 buy

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Aug 5, 2023
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Hi Everyone,

I am looking at purchasing this 2019 raptor and was curious what features it is missing. I can see the carbon fibre package and recaro seats are not in it but not a big deal on the seats. Anything else big missing from this?

Would this 802a have amibent lighting in it? like cupholders...etc.

I had a 2018 F150 before then traded that for a new 2020 Ram limited and now getting the itch for the raptor. Long story short is a I almost bought one in 2020 but it would not fit width wise in my garage so when with the ram....now I no longer park in my garage (we have synthetic ice my son skates on) so a raptor is in my future.

Thank you for any insights you might be able to provide me.