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Discussion in 'Ford Raptor Lighting Forum [GEN 2]' started by tombregs, Sep 13, 2018.

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    So I've had my raptor for about a year now and am not too happy with the brightness of headlights. I added a rigid 20" light bar for really dark nights but obviously I can't run that when there's traffic in front of me or oncoming. I'm wondering if anyone has upgraded their led bulbs to brighter ones?
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    The LED's are not bulbs. Not like the old days when you could swap out a bulb. They are not replaceable. If one happens to fail you have to replace the entire assembly to the tune of $700-$800.
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    You can't upgrade the OEM LED to an aftermarket kit. We actually have our own brand (CrystaLux) of LED kits and we've had a few folks (Raptors and non-Raptors) who were not satisfied with the factory LED kits... but... unlike factory HID kits, you can't just replace the components. Ford has a proprietary system where they have an LED module and a specially designed optic/lens system that can't be replaced. Ford also had to stay within certain DOT parameters which is why you feel the lights lack that of an aftermarket kits (aftermarket kits are not DOT approved, so the skys the limit, whereas Ford abides by DOT standards to pass inspections).

    With that said, you can always install some Fog lights to get a bit of extra lighting.

    We are a big Baja Designs dealer and I'd recommend the Baja Designs Pro Fog Kit. It has a pair of S2 Sports which you can use when driving normally and then 2 pairs of Squadron Pros, which you can turn on if you are on back roads or off-roading. It's one of the first upgrades most folks make with the Gen2's in terms of lighting and fills that need for more forward lighting


    There are other kits for your Gen2 available as well, depending on your budget and what kind of lighting you want. Check them out here: http://www.4x4truckleds.com/vehicle-specific-ford/2017-2018-f-150-raptor/

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