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Dec 2, 2010
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I just purchased Sounds Good Stereo's Stealth Focal Flax EVO 9-channel Fully Active Pre-Tuned Plug & Play Behind the Seat Stereo Upgrade for my 2023 Raptor R back in early November. They installed it this past week. I’m extremely particular with my truck. I didn’t want a subwoofer taking up the area under my back seat. So this is why I went with the stealth package. I believe I could have installed the system myself, but after watching Sounds Good Stereo’s installation video’s on YouTube, I thought it best to have Sage & Nathan install my system. Hard to imagine, but they were more meticulous than me. The system could not have been installed any better than if Ford did it in the factory. The system far surpassed my expectations! It sounds fantastic! I’ve been sitting in my truck for a couple of hours for the past 2 days just enjoying a great system. A side benefit is how solid the doors now feel when closing them. The sound absorbing material they line the doors with give them such a solid feel and dampens much of the road noise, not to mention providing the necessary sound dampening for their kick ass system. If you are thinking about an upgrade for your F150 stereo, you won’t be disappointed with Sounds Good Stereo. I’ve read many reviews and I see there is some concern with waiting to get your system. I’m here to tell you, the system I got was worth the wait!
I'll second the praise for the SGS team. I handed them my R for a month to have the elevated system installed. I went up to visit them at their place and Sage spent about 2 hours with me explaining some of the intricate details of the build and listening to my music in the truck and adjusting the tune to make sure I was happy. I agree their attention to detail is ridiculously meticulous, just like I hoped it would be. The build quality and sound are both incredible. I could not be happier with the system and the work the SGS team did.

I know those guys are flat out fulfilling shipments while also having build vehicles lined up for installs. I also know the wait is frustrating, and they are probably over promising on some dates, but trust me when I say they will not underdeliver. You will have a hard time finding anything out there that compares to what the SGS guys put together.

Here are a few pics just for fun...


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Dec 2, 2020
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Nashville, TN
We appreciate the support and feedback from everyone. Our shipping times are really-hard to predict on these packages as you can tell and our team is working really hard to get this under control. It's not a lack of anything except we truly care about the end result and ensuring our customers receive the best that we can provide. Nothing leaves this building until it's ready and these are complicated systems, that we just make it look easy from the photo.

A stereo system can never be perfect, but it's our core to make every system better than the last one. This could be a simple DSP filter we change that takes 5 minutes, or it might take Sage 5 days to squeeze out an additional 5% in performance by slightly altering the vent/port on the enclosure. But we never go down in performance or ship something that does not perform to our standards. As many mentioned, Sage/Nathan are at the forefront of pushing the performance in the F-series trucks and we all wait for their thumbs up. With every system we sell being verified in our truck, these shipping times are unpredictable, but the quality/performance I assure you is like none other.

Again, we appreciate the support/feedback and if you need any assistance, please let us know.
P.S. We have two new team members joining our team over the next 3 weeks, so fingers crossed that this helps with our production times :)