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Raptor Sightings

Discussion in 'Ford Raptor Photos & Videos' started by MEIRONMAN207, Dec 4, 2019.


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    Jun 26, 2019
    0B328D3F-0D32-4F77-9FE0-1B70381D272D.jpeg B3F26431-FCF4-4F1D-AA1D-0F5900A99AB6.jpeg C843AFD5-12A7-48B8-9242-FDBEF86BA531.jpeg D2A3FF66-D00B-4A21-BE58-90F7CA3EB2AC.jpeg C712FA2C-DF2E-4E20-B1D7-E05429828B45.jpeg I searched for a thread and only found sightings of when the new GEN 1s and then the new GEN 2s were coming out. And the threads were of privately owned ones. So my thread is of non privately owned ones.

    So here are my sightings after owning my Raptor. 1st one was on my trip to go West to Komifornia I did see one from I10 and a Tahoe with a trailer and a couple of ATV Border Patrol Team.

    I didn’t get a chance to take a pic bc I noticed them as I passed them below me while I was going westbound and they were to my left (South just by the border).

    But on my resent trip here on the East coast on I95 North bound I spied a NPS officer going much faster than me (he was going really fast, not goin to incriminate myself as actual speed just to catch up for the shot) I asked my co pilot to take a few shots. And yes it was a GEN 2 and didn’t even acknowledge my sexy big hipped beast.

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