New KC HiLiTES Amber C-Series LED Lights.

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    New KC Amber C-Series LEDs

    KC HiLiTES is excited to release their new C-Series Amber LED lighting products. This new offering includes a compact 3-inch cube style C3 model along with 10-inch and 20-inch, C10 and C20 LED light bars.

    These new C-Series models feature amber LEDs. When off, they appear to be clear in nature, but when powered they project a distinct amber beam of light. This type of lighting is often associated with reducing glare and improving visibility in inclement weather conditions or dust where the reflective glare produced from blue/white light can often be bothersome to the human eye. This type of lighting is also quite popular for off-road desert racing where encountering heavy dust at night is a constant hazard. They also used to help pit crews identify their race vehicles as they approach the pits. Many enthusiasts prefer them simply for their aesthetic statement on their vehicles.


    While compact in size, the 12-watt C3 Amber LED is big on light output, projecting a concentrated spot beam pattern rated at 1080 lumens. The C3 also features an IP67 rated die-cast aluminum housing.

    The C10 and C20 Amber LED light bars both project combo spot/spread light beam patterns. The 60-watt C10 is rated at 5,400 lumens while the 120-watt C20 generates 10,800 lumens. The C10 and C20 feature IP67 rated extruded aluminum housings with die-cast aluminum mounting brackets. All of these new Amber LED models boast a 50,000-hour LED lifespan and can operate on 9 to 32-volt electrical systems.

    KC Amber C3 LEDs are available individually or in pair packs including two lights, complete wiring kit with waterproof connectors and switch. Amber C10 and C20 LED light bars are package individually along with a wiring harness.


    New KC Amber LED lighting products:
    #1315 – Amber C3 LED, single light
    #315 – Amber C3 LED, pair pack lighting system
    #316 – Amber C10 LED, single light bar with wiring harness
    #317 – Amber C20 LED, single light bar with wiring harness

    KC’s new C-Series Amber LED lights are currently ready for shipping. For more
    information on KC C-Series Amber LEDs and the entire line of premium KC auxiliary lighting products and accessories, contact:

    KC HiLiTES
    2843 West Avenida De Luces
    Williams, AZ 86046
    (928) 635-2607
    Leader in Performance LED, HID and Halogen Lighting, LED Light Bars for Off Road Lighting, Mining Lighting, Industrial Lighting - KC HiLiTES®

    About KC HiLiTES:
    KC HiLiTES has been pioneering higher quality off-road lighting since 1970. Since the beginning, KC’s involvement with motorsports has been critical to the process of designing, engineering and manufacturing the most advanced auxiliary lighting available. Inside and out, KC has never accepted anything less than the highest quality materials and workmanship for their products. It is this absolute commitment to total quality that allows KC to back every KC product with their industry leading 23-year warranty.
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    Great Product Offering!
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    Do you have any of these mounted for show? preferably the light bars

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