Back again. From Gen 2 though a few other cars to a Gen 3. Cincinnati.

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Dec 31, 2012
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Cincinnati, OH
Hey all,

Just wanted to share my new Gen 3 Raptor. 2022 AMB with the 37pp. I sold my Gen 2 for a Mercedes E63 AMG wagon, then to a GLS63 and then a Porsche Taycan GTS. While all were amazing vehicles and the Taycan was one of the most fun vehicles I have ever driven, I missed the Raptor and the Taycan was a pain in the ass to get in and out of.

It was dumb luck I showed up at my dealer on the last day of the month ready to trade and buy. Didn’t take long and I was the new owner of a pretty darn cool truck. I really wanted a 22 for the heated steering wheel (I’m a wuss with cold hands) and I wanted the moonroof/tailgate. The color was a bonus, I really did the way the blue looks black sometimes and in the sun it just sparkles. I went in wanting black or Avalanche but wash glad they had AMB.

Next week it’s time for PPF and window tint, then Rhino line the bed. Bak Revolver X4s bed cover, Bed Rug Bed Mat for my knees and then some lights. I will say, John from SPV is an amazing resource. He is patient, so well informed and encouraging.

Glad to be back,


James O

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Aug 13, 2021
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Lubbock Texas 79407
Congratulations on your new Raptor. I was after a 22 model with glass roof and 2K generator until I looked at CarFax which had severe body damage. I hate not having a heated steering wheel since it can not be added by the dealer for $140 but it is leaps and bounds better than my 20 model.