15% Off Fog Kits + Behind The Grill Kits

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Supporting Vendor
Jul 18, 2017
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Our fog kits ALREADY have an everyday discount built in (we're not marking them up and then "discounting" them). On TOP of this existing discount, we're doing ANOTHER 15% off.

Just use coupon code HOLIDAY15 at checkout.

Each of our fog kits includes our USA Made Stainless Steel Brackets, 3 pairs of lights, and of course our extrmely popular plug and play wiring harness.
Our Behind the Grill Kit includes the same as well.

We let YOU select your lights and even our Behind the Grill Kits have an everyday bundled discount built into our price PLUS you save ANOTHER 15% on top of that.

Remember, use coupon code HOLIDAY15
Visit the following page for all of the kits on sale: https://www.4x4truckleds.com/shop-all/holiday-sale/

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(Gen3 shown as an example, but our kits work on Gen2 and Gen3 Raptors)