1. K

    Roush or Whipple for gen 1

    So i just got my gen 1 raptor not too long ago and didn’t know if i should go with a whipple supercharger or roush. Was leaning more towards roush but just not sure which to get.
  2. G

    Naturally Aspirated power

    I’m new here, just bought my Raptor last month, been wanting a Gen 1 since I was 10, now that I finally have her, I was curious what’s the most power anyone has gotten out of the 6.2 boss with only bolt ons and custom tune, if possible to make 500 crank horsepower would be awesome, if anyone has...
  3. tomas181

    Proud gen1 owner

    Hello everyone! I’m from Mallorca, Spain.And I’m a proud owner of a gen 1 from 2013. I bought the truck back in april and it was super clean and low miles with only 25k on it. Only mod it had is an k&n cold air intake. Recently I did the mid perch following some youtube instructions I’m a big...
  4. D

    GEN 1 Motor swap, crank no start 2011 svt

    Hey guys, new here! I just bought a 2011 svt 6.2L with a rod through the block. It came with a brand new factory crate motor still in the plastic. I figured it would be a plug and play kind of deal but attempting to start it I’ve had a crank no start. I’m getting a P0100 code for Maf circuit. I...
  5. D

    2014 SE GEN 1 Supercharged, lots of mods, 60k miles

    MAR 18 PRICE DROP—-NOW AT 37k$ I live 20 minutes away from Livonia Michigan across the border. Can accommodate the buyer and deliver anywhere close to Detroit area. Whipple supercharged and highly modified with all invoices attached. Over 50k in mods. All pictures including all the small...
  6. TannerK17

    Method Con6 SVT center caps

    Throwing it out there to see if anyone has a set laying around before I place an order for them or just buy the replacements from Method. Trying to find a set of SVT center caps for a set of Method Con6 wheels. If anyone does, name your price! Thank you!
  7. Mikee Martin

    Hi Guys and Gals!

    This is what I have done with my Raptor since I purchased it 8 months ago (see my Avitar). I used a ton of information from what I read from this awesome Forum. Thanks for everything! I am looking forward to having more fun as the lockdowns and closures open up and I am able to check out the...
  8. NerfHerder76

    Picked her up yesterday!

    After about a year of searching for the right one, I finally found the Raptor for me. I look forward to learning from the veteran owners, as I am sure there are lots of upgrades to come.
  9. SuplexTreatment

    2014 Terrain SCREW 80Kmi

    My buddy is selling his 2014 F150 SVT Raptor Crew Cab and would like it to go to a worthy owner. Only 80k mi of mild use. The truck is stock & in pristine condition. Located in Charlotte, NC so it has never seen an serious winter. No rust and still smells great. PM me if interested.
  10. Voyager005

    Questions before I purchase a raptor

    Hello, First time posting on here and on mobile so apologies for any mistakes. I am looking into buying a 2013 raptor but its got a few problems and I wanted some advice from you all here. The truck has an excellent interior with pretty much everything I can think of which is great. Exterior has...
  11. MFNG

    2014 94k Mile SCREW for $35k...Buy or No?

    Looking at a 2014 94k mile SCREW for $35k OTD. It is fully loaded with all options. Does not have records other than the Carfax which is a joke. It lists 4 owners - one of the concerns. Physical Inspection by self and full inspection by personal mechanic reveals good quality; computer looks...