1. Viccern

    2014 Roush Raptor startup 'tapping' sound?

    All of a sudden (about a month ago), I started noticing a tapping sound when I startup my 2014 Roush Raptor. (144k miles).. from inside it sounded like something was loose in a cupholder or something so I ignored it but after a few trips, I quickly realized it was an engine noise. My problem...
  2. C

    What have I done

    New to the forum. Working on my 2017 raptor trying to put in some rigid radiance fogs. I’m not the greatest at electrical stuff but I figured it out once I read the left bunch of wires were the hot set not the right. Anyways now having issues with starting the truck. The interior lighting...
  3. nick0331

    Trouble starting after full fill up

    For the past few months my truck has had a hard time starting up after a 100% fill up. (See video) If you hold the key long enough it may start. Or you’d need to move key back to acc and try again. Sometimes it starts right up 2nd or 3rd time, and sometimes it starts and feels choked and pops...

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