1. Zach Gen3

    Offroad on 0 offset wheels

    Hey guys, with my gen 3 getting a little bit closer, Im starting to look into aftermarket wheels more seriously. I was wondering if anyone has done any offroading and compressed an 8.5" wide wheel with 0mm offset. If so, how did it go, and what was your set up? I am currently between Method...
  2. IndianaRaptor

    Having trouble deciding what to do next ?

  3. gtxracer

    Method Beadlocks 6x135 17x8.5 Blue Flame Metallic Rings

    Selling my beadlocks as I decided to change things up. I like to change my wheels and tires every year or so. I really liked these but some new Methods caught my eye and I need to part with these now. They are off the truck and tires are NOT included. The only trades I'd like: Deaver/Icon leaf...
  4. Raptor Jim

    Wanting to buy Methods

    Looking for the best deal on a set of 17" Methods for a Gen 2, I have ICON rebounds now and looking to change them up. I like the look of the MR 305 NV's in black but open to other styles.