1. D

    Highly Modified 2014 Gen 1 Raptor

    Hey guys, So i just got this truck as a very impulsive buy as soon as it hit the market. Still a little hesitant as I usually stay away from engine mods in my vehicles, but this one was done right. Anything I should be aware of for the near future in terms of problems. I got the car checked out...
  2. aircooledTOM

    Dyno Results from R/T Tuning

    Good Afternoon everyone... I wanted to share my results and enthusiasm with all of you fine people. In another thread I promised to start my own once I had results here they are. Max torque is happening way earlier, the area under the curve is drastically changed, peak horsepower is around...
  3. vanisvandal

    GEN 2 HELP!!! Raptor only making 250+hp on dyno!

    Hi everyone, After putting over 6000 miles on my ‘19 Raptor, I bring it to my local workshops to have it dyno. The target is to see how much HPs the Raptor can produce at the rear wheel. The result is surprisingly disappointed. My Raptor can only make around 230-255hps. Yes, not anywhere near...