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  • Where can I find the setting so I get one daily e-mail notice of all the new posts? I think I have it already set so in my account but never receive a daily e-mail. I was getting a weekly e-mail till I turned that off, now nothing.
    There is something running in the background on this site that is creating a lot of CPU usage. When on a mobile device, it eats up battery quickly and makes the device run pretty hot. On windows it seems to be always trying to do something. Look into that if you can. Maybe its an unintended consequence of an app you prefer to run. Otherwise, thank you again for offering a good platform.
    Im doing my best to change my username to something more catchy and my current one isnt working out. Are you able to help me out?
    Hey.. just finally joined since I bought a raptor this week.. I didn't realize when I was registering that I entered my name for username.. I really don't want my first and last name as my user name.. can I change that somehow?
    Im trying to post on the forum, but it says my account has insufficient information. Can you explain what is missing? Im trying to post on the Raptor's for Sale Forum.
    Is the fordraptor2 forum still actively monitored? Some spammer has been posting threads for a week and it doesn't seem like anybody has been online to ban him and remove all his ********.
    Does anyone know if there is an after market applique for the 2018 Ford Raptor that works? When I bought mine, I did not notice that the tailgate did not have the big FORD applique on the tailgate and I was so eager to take my new toy home that didn't notice I was buying one without it. Shame on me!!!
    Hi shaggy,

    Previous lightning owner I got this truck about two weeks ago 2018 ford Raptor black and gray, all the bells and whistles. Do you have any advice on chipping it or flashing the computer,
    I was trying to place a classified ad but have no privileges anymore a d was wondering why? I haven't posted for a while, is that possibly the problem?
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