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    Pinstripes. Is it still a thing?

    I wouldn't do it personally. Seems like there are a ton of other ways to personalize your truck. But wouldn't it be better to use vinyl rather than paint these days? Don't know, I'm asking.
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    Iowa Raptor hits protestors. You here?

    Not as down as those protestors were. Interesting how there's several videos and they all start in the middle of the action. I wonder why that could be?
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    Another One (sunroof) bites the dust!

    Press the middle button of sunroof controls so that goes into 'moon roof' mode. The rear end of the front window rises up. It basic breaks whatever seal may have developed between a seal and the plastic parts at a safe angle. As for lube, I have it, but I forget what it's called. It's...
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    Who is still a buyer of a Gen 3 if gas reaches $5.50+ per gallon?

    I don't know why goverment doesn't offer a payroll tax break for companies that let employees work from home.
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    Raptor r in desert video

    It's not that difficult to understand. Although politicians and media are more than happy to make statements and throw out stats to confuse you and convince you that things are better than themselves. And government isn't saving capitalism from itself, capitalism does just fine when it's...
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    Anyone interested in a console safe?

    No, I'm not into that sort of thing.
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    Another One (sunroof) bites the dust!

    I'm betting you understand, but just value the benefit/cost a little differently. I mean, I doubt I'll ever own a motorcycle for various reasons, but I understand why people like them.
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    Bought a tuned truck from a dealer???

    I agree that it's a bad idea to try and go back to oem tune. The 'damage' is already done. The question is, what sort of warranty did you get with the vehicle? If the Dodge dealer gave you their own sort of warranty on the sales, then they would need to cover whatever issue might happen with...
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    2023 Ford Raptor R orders will open after debut.

    Nah, MSRP has a different meaning, or impact, depending on the particular market. Your Nike shoes example is probably more about fashion than function. A huge discount is an indication that it's out of fashion and therefore less desirable even though they maintain the same function at a...
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    Mindful of Orders

    Unless I'm mistaken, we don't know the release date, price, dealer allocations, or production volume for the R yet. Getting in line at #8, or possibly even #1, doesn't guarantee you a Raptor R from the dealer of your choice. Heck, for all we know, it could be invite only, or a situation where...
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    Another One (sunroof) bites the dust!

    feels like dos xx to me.
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    Who is still a buyer of a Gen 3 if gas reaches $5.50+ per gallon?

    I don't think that 30% stat says a whole lot. Plenty of reasons to move on to a different vehicle after your done with your EV that don't have to do with what you thought of the vehicle itself. For one, you can't just go up to a dealership and pickup a brand new EV like you can (could) for an...
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    Mirror housing I'm not exactly sure what part you're talking about, pics might help, but it looks like some parts can be purchased separately, and others, you need the whole kit. $1200 sounds like way too much for the...
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    Need help with bird droppings

    Well then do a little bit in neighbors yard, then next yard over the next day...etc. Actually, how about rice? Isn't that what they used to throw at weddings till we were told that it expands in the birds stomach and kills them?
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    Need help with bird droppings

    Buy a large bag of bird seed/food and spread it out all over your neighbors yard like it was fertilizer. Had a similar situation about a year ago. Eventually the birds just left.