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Boss Hoss
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Apr 10, 2019
Apr 10, 2011
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May 18, 1962 (Age: 58)
Colleyville, Texas
Military Aerospace

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Boss Hoss

FRF Addict, 58, from Colleyville, Texas

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Apr 10, 2019
    1. beemerman
      hey. thanks for the offer. my number is 386-760-8828. work and 386-316-6013 cell. at work now. yea I like your jeep. I just gotta start slow to keep the wife off my back. but man there are a lot of mods out there. been on quadratech checking there stuff.
    2. Boss Hoss
      Boss Hoss
      Tell you what send me a email and I will send you a magazine article on it that has all of the info. The engine is a 540 Scott Shafiroff we built just for the bike with a special cam to take advantage of the flat TQ curve needed by the bike.

    3. RAPTILE
      Yo Hoss,

      Was browsin' through unread threads and found photos of your bike in one of them. You were givin' a younger member a spankin' for street racing a deisel Dodge or something.

      We got some things in common: Both Ford men, (I've owned lots of Fords, my first was a 68 Galaxie XL - bought in 78 for $400, drove for 19 years/350,000+ miles and sold in 97 for $3500), we both love power and noise (I have 2 HDs), and we were both born in 62 (you're not there yet, so I beat you to 50 by a couple of months).

      Can you tell me more about that insane bike of yours?

      Specs? How many horses?
      How often do you get out on it & how is it on longer rides?
      Did you buy it with that motor? How much have you got invested in the whole package?

      I could go on and on with the questions, so just send me a note telling me all about it!

      Thanks & Happy Early 50th!

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    May 18, 1962 (Age: 58)
    Colleyville, Texas
    Military Aerospace
    Ford SVT Raptor:
    2011 Raptor SuperCrew
    Tuxedo Black
    Raptor Factory Options:
    • Luxury Package
    • SONY Navigation System
    • Backup Camera
    • Power Moonroof
    Raptor Modifications:
    If It Is Too Fast Or It Is Too Loud Then You Are Too Old!

    Long Range (1K) BR


    2015 AMP Built 855hp Z06 C7
    2018 F250 BDS Level with Fox SS and BFG KM3's
    2016 Macan Turbo