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    Waterproof, secure tonneau cover - is DB the only option?

    Happy with my Truck Cover USA... The only time it leaks is during those FL torrential down pours when parked. The drains just can't keep up... but it only gets wet in the corners where the drain hoses are. Just for reference, house gutters also overflow. But while driving or normal rain...
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    Husky Wheel Well Liner Install

    Do the fender flairs come off when the fasteners are removed? Or does it stay in place?
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    Issue with radar detectors?

    Yes, I second the ****** Max360!! Fantastic radars!! Much better than any other similar priced radars out there.
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    Powered Tailgate Issue

    I'll post another during daylight. And a manual close... not sure why you want to see that. Lol
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    Powered Tailgate Issue

    How the hell do you attach videos? Ugh
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    Powered Tailgate Issue

    I'll record a clip tonight!!!
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    Powered Tailgate Issue

    Interesting loud snapping sound magically disappeared!!! It's back to closing normal like the first time the sales person showed me how it worked. I did find broken orange plastic pieces coming out of the tailgate drain holes. But I guess it worked itself out... I'm starting to...
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    Bought a tuned truck from a dealer???

    That's the old SCT3 tuner!! Nothing wrong with it. Just previous generation that was around a long time. It's still in use and relevant. The new SCT models just have color screens, smaller, and slightly more memory. Still functions the same. Those two screens you're showing are not the tune...
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    Raptor f150 vs wrangler JLU

    It's a new thing...and costs big bucks!! Starts at $80k and doesn't have anywhere near the tech the Raptor has...
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    Raptor f150 vs wrangler JLU

    Can't really compare the two... I traded my Hard Rock Rubicon JKU for my new Gen3 Raptor. Completely different vehicles. If I still lived in WA State....I would have gotten a new JLU Rubicon instead of a monstrous Raptor that would not fit in the tight and narrow WA trails. You have to...
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    BOV not making any noise

    BOV should be maintenance free...if they are not, they are defective. There are two kinds of BOVs... -recirculating -Vent to Atmospher (VTA) The factory BOV is recirculating meaning the venting is recirculatated back into the intake for lag free spool ups between shifts. VTA BOVs, vent the...