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  • Hey 5 star i purchased your 93 perf and 93 daily and 87 daily. havent tried any of the daily tunes yet as 93 perf is awesome haha anyway i just got a package yesterday with my airaid intake i put it on and seem to have no problems with it would you recommend another set of tunes? I looked at your dyno graphs and they seem to be identical to the stock setup but I dont want the truck to be running lean.
    I'm intrested in a tune and intake. I've got a 2010 6.2L with 48K miles. I have a Borla exhaust on the way and would like your opinion on the tune and CAI
    I see you are watching the Wipple threads, I have the stock setup and it's great one day I might upgrade to the bigger thottle body, bigger injectors, Long Tube Headers and Cat Backs. My question is will you be working on a Tune for this?
    Is there any news on the lid for the AIRAID intake for the 6.2L Raptor, please?
    OK I've waited long enough... Please count me in for your $379 special w/free Dash Scan. I will grab my code and call....

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