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    How to get more turbo sound

    That's a hydrocarbon trap for emissions after key off. Will not affect anything. I believe that it was mid-calendar year change so I would say mid-2019. Don't know the exact cutoff date. New turbos came with all 2019+ and then the vanes got deleted later on.
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    How to get more turbo sound

    There should not be any swirl vanes on MY2019+. The turbo compressor inlet was switched to a ported shroud design in 2018 that eliminated some of the turbo whoosh noise and improved the pre-turbo swirl ratio.
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    GEN 2 - A/C Issue

    Did you check your cabin air filter?
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    Found this little guy today, kinda cool.

    Interesting fact: China Raptors don't have the American flag striping. It's just solid orange.
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    July 18 Reveal.

    Probably 6 AM. Similar to what they did with the Bronco Raptor. Sales manager at one dealership said orders open August 13. Take that with a grain of salt.
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    July 18 Reveal.

    Here's the teaser for Monday:
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    Anyone know what happens at Flat Rock, Mi?

    Trucks are sitting at lots all over SE Michigan. Space is limited around the Rouge Complex so trucks are always shuffled around.
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    TSB #2198 Raptor/Tremor Specific)

    The hood seals around the perimeter of the air inlet to prevent hot engine air from entering the intake.
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    TSB #2198 Raptor/Tremor Specific)

    For the Raptors/Tremors that are most recently built (~ April 2022), the air deflector in front of the air inlet has an updated opening to allow more air flow. Additionally, christmas tree clips with "firs" have been eliminated and have been updated to the 2 piece push in style rivets as Gen 2...
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    Anyone know what happens at Flat Rock, Mi?

    Spray-in bedliner takes place on the Rouge complex. Flat Rock is a holding lot for trucks missing parts or being shipped out (by rail or convoy). Here's the lot (rail load in red):
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    Family is maybe outgrowing Raptor

    I would look at an Expedition Max (with the extended wheelbase). Plenty of room in the trunk and comfortable seating for 7. If you get the Timberline package, it has the same 3.5L HO engine as the Raptor (with slightly less HP; ~440HP).
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    Silver Lake Dunes and my 37pp. Wow

    Hoping to get out there sometime this summer. Looks fun! How did you affix the safety flag to the tow hook? Any recommendations on where to get an appropriate height safety flag?
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    Been waiting for a V8 Raptor since 2015. Sucks about Raptor R's fate

    V8 Raptor is definitely not cancelled! And is a lot closer to production than most people on here think.
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    Screws under wheel well fender

    These or anything similar to the size and thread will work. Just make sure they're e-coated or they will rust easily.
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    Did Ford Shut down the build line?

    DTP is up this week with one crew. No KCAP shifts this week but doesn't affect Raptor.

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