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Originally Posted by mictouch View Post
Hummm, this is a strange post...

Aren't there FOX Racing Shox on a Raptor? -- YES

Who won this years Baja 1000? -- Answer, Andy McMillin

What Shocks was Andy Using? -- Answer, FOX

Enough Said...

Don't get me wrong KING are AWESOME Shocks and have for sure WON their fair share of races! All the guys at KING are very helpful and care about service! Nothing bad to say!

Oh yeah...

Andy McMillin | FOX Offroad Team
The Factory Fox Shox are NOT the same caliber of shocks that are on Andy's truck, not even close. Our Fox Rep confirmed this. Andy has a great truck and, its not just the shocks that makes him win, its a combination of things. The fact is that the Factory Fox Shox are good enough, but the King OEM Replacements are night and day difference! We've ran and rode in trucks with many different set ups and we are truly happy with the King set up, they have it figured out! Bolt on and GO!

King - I will post a video of what these shocks are capable of right out of the box.

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