1. Visier

    Paint Deterioration on Grille

    Hi all, I noticed over the last few months that part of my grille has had paint deteriorating and showing the white plastic underneath. I've only ever handwashed this truck (the owner's manual says not to take it to a car wash due to width), and this is not consistent with damage from a rock...
  2. taylor13blueflame

    GEN 1 Looking to buy gen 1 2011-2014 OEM grille with front camera

    Hey everyone, I’m brand new here and a new raptor owner for just over a month now. I am looking at buying a new or used good condition OEM grille with front camera for my gen 1. The part number is CL3Z-8200-EA for reference. I was directed here by the Gen 1 Raptor Owners Facebook page in high...
  3. oddworld

    (Gen 3) DTC U0285 Communication with Air Shutter

    Playing around with Forscan and noticed a DTC error. Mind pointing me in the right direction? (1) Error Code: U0285 - Lost Communication with Active Grille Air Shutter Module 'B' (2) Questions (2A) Where is "Module B" located on the front grille? Upper/Lower? Left/Right? (2B) Where is the...
  4. Mustainefan

    Grill alternatives?

    I’ve been trying to de-badge my truck of most of the “raptor” elements as a matter of preference. I came across the following picture and would love to change on my truck. Anyone know where to find something like this?
  5. Josh7020

    Help!!! Painting the grille letters and bezel

    Can anyone tell me how to separate and reattach the two sections. It looks to be plastic welded and I’m not sure how to put it back together after I break it apart. Pictures or advice would be appreciated!!! J
  6. Lead Foot Rob

    GEN 2 Grill light problem

    So I’m having a very odd issue with my three front grill lights. When the truck is in a car wash, the garage, or shop (basically indoor) my passenger side grill light does not come on, yet the other two do? When the truck is outside, all three lights work just fine with no issues. Has anyone...
  7. Emily Kirkman

    WTB Gen 1 Ford Raptor Grill CL3Z-8200-DA

    Im looking for a grille part CL3Z-8200-DA perforable or CL3Z-8200-EA for sale.