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Originally Posted by MTGOAT View Post
I have a strong feeling that Ford is simply testing the waters. the Ecoboost V6 has been a guess for a long time, and it helps their economic standings as a manufacturer for EPA regulations... yadda yadda yadda

My thought is that the EB V6 will be a standard option, and they will still have a V8 available. probably not the 5.2L flat plane that is in the GT350, but maybe something along those lines.

not sure why they would drop the 6.2 though. I personally want to see a "eco boost 6.2" it would make the truck that much more "efficient" if that is their concern while providing us with the heart pounding V8 that we all know and love.

I dig the new look, but unless I have the same displacement or larger, I will be sticking with my first generation raptor :)
Yea...... I was thinking the same thing. Rumor has it the sticker price is going to go up on these. No way in hell am I dropping north of $60k on one of these if it has a v6.
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