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Originally Posted by SunnDogg View Post
Unlike the Jeep, the spare on our Raptor will most likely be a standard rim so not sure that would be an ideal process unless you pony up and replace the rim. I have the KO2's on my current F-150 and rotate them as described in the manual. If you keep up on the pressure's and rotate often (I do every other oil change) you should be able to get very good life out of them. I have over 60K on mine and still have plenty of tread left.

Edit: Reading the manual excerpt above it also states that the spare does not have a TPMS so that would also be an expense in addition to the rim.

Can anyone please confirm that the spare is a standard rim?
I have the beadlocks and the spare is also a beadlock. But as listed above, it doesn't have the TPM.
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