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I didn't want to post on the forum about your choice going with Procharger.
But have you research this forum about Procharger?
It is not a good system to run on a Raptor!!!

And there is only one Tune that kind of works, Livernois.
If call and ask them what is the best boosted application is for the Raptor, they will tell you Whipple or Roush.

Hoping the best for you, anyway.
i just ordered a raptor and I am in Roswell GA. Would you send me the link to the Facebook group here in Atlanta.

Atlanta Raptors
Hey man, I had a quick question for you. I saw that you mentioned that you installed an ARB compressor under the passenger seat of your raptor. How/where did you wire it in that location? Thanks for the help!
hey, just saw your post about deaver leaf springs. have you ended up installing them? how do you like them? which shop did you go to in denver?

Sorry for late reply.
I chose High Country Performance 4x4 in Lakewood. I ordered a custom set of HD +4 Deavers so I can run my bed continuous 500lbs (rack, RTT and Decked system and gear.) Because they're Custom Ive got to wait until late Feb, early March for install. They did say it'll change the ride by being more stiff but Im fine with that.
You in Denver? Have a Raptor centric 4x4 place you like?
Did you get the trx at msrp ? There’s a dealer by me that does msrp (Illinois)but requires a 5k non refundable deposit. My buddy was gonna order the trx
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