yoopercharged's 2014 Blue Flame Metallic SCREW


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Jan 21, 2015
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Midland, MI
Suppose it's about time I start a build thread of my own. Don't have any huge plans for the truck but will definitely be doing small upgrades along the way. This truck will mainly serve as my daily but I do plan on getting in the dirt a couple times throughout the year. Here is a list of the things that I have done since purchasing the truck in February:
  1. Immediately had the truck undercoated with NHOU (rust free truck from Oklahoma relocated to Michigan)
  2. Removed the old Rigid Industries lights/brackets from the front bumper and replaced the missing grill
  3. Did the fuse 27 relocation and cleaned up some shoddy wiring from the previous owner
  4. Got some WeatherTech HP floor liners for the front and back
  5. AntennaX shorty antenna
  6. Replaced all 5 original SVT beadlocks with Method MR703 +00 in bronze
  7. Replaced the mirror reflectors, rear facing turn signals, and puddle lights with new LEDs
In the near term I am looking to do some small lighting upgrades and get an exhaust installed. Later this year or early next year I will dive into some minor suspension upgrades. Might also do bumpers down the road but I'm currently still enjoying the stock look.

How I bought it:

How it currently sits (minus the mirror LEDs):
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