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WTB - Blue Step2 Raptor Ride On Toy

Discussion in 'Want to Buy' started by bdhtree, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. bdhtree

    bdhtree Member

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    Jan 6, 2017
    Cincinnati, OH
    I have been lurking on the forum for a while now since this place is so useful - I currently have a 2013 Blue Flame SCrew. I am looking for a matching Blue Raptor Step2 Ride On toy for my 6 month old son. He’s my fist kid so I’m overachieving and trying to get some cool stuff for him (thus the Blue Raptor!).

    I know they still sell the red one, but I have seen pictures of it in blue and can’t seem to find one. Trying to avoid buying red and painting one, so if any of you bought one of the blue ones for your kids and have outgrown it I would love to buy it from you.

    As a side note, I will probably be posting another one of these for a blue Gen1 powerwheels when he’s big enough...


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