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WSI, RPG and ICON present: The SnoBall 500

Discussion in 'Upcoming Expedition Announcements and Planning' started by Kanakry, Oct 23, 2012.

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    Mar 24, 2012
    Great Lakes Region
    White Star Industries, Raptor Performance Group and ICON Vehicle Dynamics



    January 19-21, 2013

    The SnoBall 500 is a winter Raptor Run/driving experience. During this run you and your Raptor will encounter everything that Mother Nature and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan can throw at it. There will be areas of two track roads, logging trails, forest service roads and country roads. These roads will have varying degrees of snowfall on them, from significant snow fall to minimal/scraped country roads. From the moment you put the SnoBall 500 official window decal on your truck you are in for one of the most unique and exciting weekends ever. This is not a race we will stay together as a pack and work as a team to insure everyone makes it to each destination.

    But the driving isn’t the only appeal to this run. We will also be staying in a few of the nicest Hotel/Casinos in the Upper Peninsula. There will be plenty of time to unwind in whatever fashion you desire, whether it is hanging out at the sports bar, gambling or getting a massage.

    Please visit the SnoBall 500 Facebook page:

    Run Details:

    Friday Night:
    The Run doesn’t officially begin until Saturday morning at 0830, but for anyone interested in crossing the Mackinaw Bridge as a group we will be meeting at 1630est. Meeting location is the Burger King off of exit 338 on I-75. We will leave no later than 7pm for the Island Resort and Casino.
    There will be a mandatory registration at 10pm eastern time in the Eagles room located in the Convention Center at the Island Resort and Casino we will have everyone’s SnoBall 500 gear there.
    Registration is sponsored by Azunia Tequila

    This is the day everyone has been waiting for!!!! At 0830 there will be a drivers meeting just to go over some basics and so that everyone is on the same page. At 0900 we head out towards the Norway truck trail and our scramble area. On the way will encounter snow covered roads and significant snow drifts. The Norway truck trail is an off roaders dream, the trail includes everything for open sections to granite rocks.

    After the truck trail we will make our way up County roads and two track roads with the group stopping for lunch at the Up North Lodge as well as a possible stop at Da Yoopers Tourist Trap. After some more back country roads we end up on 41 ending up at the Travelodge in Houghton, MI. The Travelodge is located near quite a few bars and restaurants including the Keweenaw Brewing Co.

    Sunday is a long day we will have a drivers meeting 0830 just to go over the differences between Sunday and Saturdays terrain. The group will leave from the Travelodge at 0900 and head up one of the most scenic routes in Michigan all the way to Copper Harbor, MI. We will hang out for a bit to take pictures then the group heads back down to Houghton where we will get lunch. From here we head out towards Ontonagon following forest service roads and country roads. When we arrive as a pack of Raptors in the small town of Ontonagon we will take some pictures and rest our legs for a short break.

    As we leave Ontonagon the sun will be setting as we travel along the coast of Lake Superior across forest service roads, county roads and ORV routes. Our final destination is the Lac Vieux Desert Casino in Watersmeet, MI. But our day does not end when we arrive at the Casino. Those that are interested after checking in will meet at 2100 for a very interesting experience, the Paulding light. The Paulding light is a light that appears in the sky and has also appeared in shows such as paranormal activity, Ripley’s Believe it or not, and Unsolved Mysteries.

    On Monday morning we find us nearing the completion of this run, we have reserved a banquet room for a late breakfast and run closing event. During the this time we have some Swag to give away from our sponsors as well as a Raffle for donated items. After the closing events we will all start to make our way home, thinking about the weekend the whole time.

    Price for event:
    $125 per Truck/Driver - Includes 1 SnoBall 500 sweatshirt or hoodie, SnoBall 500 window stickers with truck number, entrance into closing event with breakfast/raffle drawing

    $40 per Co-Driver/Passenger - Includes 1 SnoBall 500 sweatshirt or hoodie, entrance into closing event with breakfast/raffle drawing.

    Register via PayPal and please pay as a Gift:

    Sorry registration is closed

    Please include your name, phone number, Screen Name, Year, color, SCab or SCrew and size of Sweatshirt. If you have a Co-driver please include their name, Screen name (if applicable) and sweatshirt size

    *** A major portion of the proceeds from the Raffle will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. This donation will be made under the Ford Raptor Owners. ***

    I have been contacted by a few people asking how to help out the Wounded Warrior Project under the SnoBall 500 name. I have set up a Donation page for those interested.

    Please see link below:

    Room Reservations:
    Island Resort and Casino-
    $97.01 -----------Ford Raptor Group

    Travelodge Houghton-
    62.10+tax---------Ford Raptor Group Book by 12/19

    Houghton overflow hotel:
    Franklin Square Inn
    $89-$109------ No group booking

    Lac Vieux Desert Casino
    $49 + tax ----------Tell code 2784

    Pet information:
    Island Resort and Casino - does not accept pets.

    Travel Lodge accepts pets - $20 / stay.

    Lac Vieux Desert Casino - allows pets in some smoking rooms.

    Please like the SnoBall 500 on Facebook:

    Current snow Coverage

    Must have items for the SnoBall 500​

    First and foremost every truck, Driver and Co-Pilot must be ready for the first all-cold weather Raptor Run ever planned. A positive attitude goes a long way. We will stay as a group though out this event and arrive at each destination as a pack, this is NOT a race. Being the inaugural event there maybe changes along the way depending on snow level for better and worse. We will not be afraid to deviate from our route to encounter deep snow if it’s possible. Snow is the key to this trip, while it will be fun with minimal snow, the SnoBall 500 could become EPIC with massive amounts of fresh snow. Please keep an open mind and be prepared to be a part of the best cold weather Raptor Run ever planned.

    Every truck must have these items at a minimum before participating in the SnoBall 500
    1. Working 4wd
    2. All maintenance up to date and no major issues
    3. Decent tires: We’re not going to go around and checking everyone’s tires but if you have very little remaining tread do us a favor and get them replaced before the SnoBall 500.
    4. Spare tire/tires secured and located in the bed of the truck. Contact WSI for mounting solutions
    5. 2 bags of sand or cat litter
    6. One shovel
    7. Tow strap at least 20’ and rated to pull the truck and 2 D rings
    8. Winter boots: Lacrosse, Muck, Sorels, etc. You may have to get out into very deep snow.
    9. Winter clothing: Just like above it is more than likely going to be cold and you will have to get out of your vehicle.
    10. Ice Scraper/Snowbrush & -30 degree windshield washer fluid

    Recommended additional items
    1. You do not need a Co-pilot but it is recommended to help with communication traffic and navigating the trails/roads. Plus it’s more fun with someone in the truck with you.
    2. VHF/FRS radio
    3. Navigation: Lowrance, Garmin, Android tablet with an offroad map app.
    4. 5 gallons extra gas
    5. A Come along
    6. Floor jack and some wood blocks to help support it in the snow
    7. Auxiliary lighting. While it can’t be used on road it would be a great benefit on the ORV Routes, Forrest Service roads.
    8. First Aid Kit

    SnoBall 500 Rules

    . 100% Sober Driving.

    · Alcohol consumption will not be tolerated on trails or any time you are driving. Remember these are state roads. You will get a DUI if caught.

    · Illegal drug use will not be tolerated. Same as alcohol consumption

    · Do not tailgate

    · No littering

    · Know the limitations of your driving abillity and your Raptor in the conditions.

    · No whiners!

    · Everyone in your vehicle must have a filled out waiver. NO Exceptions! You will not be allowed to participate without everyone having a completed waiver.

    Radio Frequencies​

    151.820 MHz Bandwidth 11.25 kHz
    151.880 MHz Bandwidth 11.25 kHz
    151.940 MHz Bandwidth 11.25 kHz

    *** Please make sure that your radio is programmed for these frequencies.


    This event would not be possible without our great group of sponsors

    White Star Industries
    Raptor Performance Group
    Icon Vehicle Dynamics
    KC HiLites
    Krazy House Kustoms
    Method Race Wheels
    Whelen Engineering Company
    Volant Cold Air Intakes
    M&R Lights
    Maui Jim
    Texas Motoworx
    Baja Designs
    Roush Performance
    Rigid Industries
    Power Steering Solutions
    Borla Exhaust
    Raptor Retrofit
    Brenthel Industries
    CTS Motorsports
    Lock'er Down Security
    The Car Stereo Company
    Royal Purple
    Power Tank Systems
    Synthetic Motorsports
    Stainless Works
    General Tires
    Azunia Tequila
    Shock Pros
    RCV Performance
    DCM Offroad
    Jack Demmer Automotive Group
    Sunrise Tatical Gear
    U-POL/Raptor Liner
    Nutmeg Sports
    Warn Industries
    Monster Energy
    Texas Raptor Runs
    Bar's Leak
    Great Lake Four Wheel Drive Association
    UP North Lodge

    00. Worldtour
    01. Kanakry
    02. Ms. MI Raptor
    03. MTUH3
    04. IRONMAN
    05. Donk74
    06. Kmandoske
    07. Big Blue
    08. 012BlueSVT
    09. Eric Long
    10. shooterAMG
    11. JuggNuttz
    12. Lost Highway
    13. RaptuRR
    14. WSI
    15. Hockster
    16. Brd o Pry
    17. Java
    18. Netix
    19. Jeff1889
    20. BramageDained
    21. Motostar2888
    22. pwjstruebig
    23. GJMcManus
    24. Beemerman
    25. JJWPGH
    26. Gunpilot
    27. SVTLightning00
    28. Sitdown
    29. ShiftyCapone
    30. Wiz1500
    31. 3RGarage
    32. Huck31
    33. BlueDino
    34. AnyJoe
    35. Cparksjr
    36. Labraptor
    37. BIGt0007
    38. TonLoc08
    39. Rey44
    40. KHCDave
    41. Roush #1
    42. Twigsy27
    43. TeddyV
    44. WRCRaptor
    45. RaptorScrew
    46. KHC #2
    47. Terry Lantz
    48. Mattmeyer89
    49. Devildevil
    50. BigBlueBalls
    51. C11
    52. KX250R
    53. Roush #2
    54. BSnyder
    ##. RPG

    Want to see where everyone is coming from?
    The Snoball 500 attendance map


    The Route


    1 Kanakry
    4 Ironman
    9 Eric Long
    12 Lost Highway
    17 Java
    22 pwjstruebig
    29 Shiftycapone
    35 Cparksjr
    40 KHCDave
    43 TeddyV
    46 KHC #2
    47 Tlantz
    54 Bsnyder

    16 Brd O Pry
    15 Hockster
    26 Gunpilot
    27 SVTlightning00
    28 Sitdown
    30 Wiz1500
    34 AnyJoe
    36 Labraptor
    39 Rey44
    41 Roush #1
    44 WRC Raptor
    52 KX250R
    53 Roush #2
    10 ShooterAMG

    14 WSI
    2 Ms. MI Raptor
    6 Kmandoske
    7 Big Blue
    11 JuggNuttz
    20 BramageDained
    23 GJMcManus
    31 3RGarage
    19 Jeff1889
    37 BIGt0007
    42 Twigsy27
    45 RaptorSCrew
    51 C11
    3 MTUH3

    8 012BlueSVT
    5 Donk74
    13 RaptuRR
    18 Netix
    25 jjwpgh
    21 Motostar2888
    24 Beemerman
    32 Huck31
    33 BlueDino
    38 TonLoc08
    48 Mattmeyer89
    49 Devildevil
    50 BigBlueBalls
    00 Worldtour

    How it will is there is 4 sections to this run. Every Group will lead 1 section.

    The groupings will look like this

    A B C D
    B A D C
    C A D B
    D A B C
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  2. WorldTour

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    Jun 22, 2012
    Greensburg, PA
    The SnoBall 500 Raffle Rules​

    Who it’s open to
    • The raffle is only open to the registered drivers & Raptor owners of the SnoBall 500
    a. This is to eliminate couples, non-raptor owners from winning multiple items
    b. We are trying to give all of the Raptor owners in attendance a chance to win great products

    Price of the raffle
    • Each ticket is $10
    a. Raffle participants can purchase as many tickets as they want.
    b. Purchasing multiple tickets gives the Raptor owner a better chance to win the Item of his liking

    How the Raffle will be conducted (Fantasy Draft Style)
    • All the tickets will be placed in a bucket. 1 ticket will be pulled and that winner has his choice of 1 item from all remaining items

    • No raffle participant can win multiple items until everyone participating in the raffle has won an item

    • After each raffle participant has won, all tickets will be placed back into the bucket and the raffle will continue utnil all items have been won

    Raffle Donation
    • A large majority of the raffle funds will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project to help wounded veterans returning from combat.
    • The donation will be made under the Corporation/Organization name “Ford F-150 Raptor Owners Group”

    Below is an ongoing list of raffle items pledged by our sponsors for the SnoBall 500, this list will be updated as sponsors increase and they update us with what they will be pledging.

    White Star Industries- Race Rack, 2 Fire Extinguser mounts, 1 Hood light mount set

    Raptor Performance Group- Upper Control Arms, swag

    Icon Vehicle Dynamics- 3.0 Front Coil Over Shock System w/ Compression Adjust, Upper Control Arms, lower control arm skid plates, & swag

    Method Race Wheels- 1 Set of Wheels

    Krazy House Kustoms- Rock sliders/step rails

    Raptor Addict - RPG Power Steering Reservoir

    Whelen Engineering Company- 1 pair of Micro-Pioneer LED lights

    Volant Cold Air Intakes- 1 Voucher for a cold air intake

    Jack Demmer Ford-Ford Racing Trailside Kit

    Fiberwerx-fiberglass fenders

    M&R Lights- Fog Light kit, $100 off, $50 dollars off gift certs

    Raptor Retrofit- Smoked 3rd brake light

    Rigid Industries- 1 pair of Dually lights

    Borla Exhaust-swag,50% off voucher

    Brenthel Industries- Unique Brenthel/SnoBall 500 swag

    Power Tank Systems- heavy duty tire inflator, tire plug kit & swag

    LGE/CTS Motorsports- Gift Cert & Swag

    AmbLighting-puddle lights

    Baja Designs- 8" ONX Light Bar & Swag

    Royal Purple- 1 Case of Royal Purple, Swag

    Synthetic Motorsports- Amsoil Swag, 2 - $60 R1Concepts Gift Certificates

    Shock-Pros- 4 sets of shock covers

    BAER Brakes - Swag, discount vouchers

    Meegan Ford - TBD

    Stainless Works - Gift Cert & Swag

    General Tires-Swag

    U-POL/Raptor Liner-spray in bed liner kits

    Ford Raptor Forum-beer mugs and swag

    Texas Motorworx- Skid Plate & Swag

    Lock'er Down Security- 1 locker down security box


    KnuKonceptz- amp adapter kit & swag

    Monster Energy- energy drinks

    KC HiLites- mini-LED Flashlights

    Bar's Leaks- Swag & Product

    Rislone- Swag & Product

    UP North Lodge- Gift Certificates and Swag

    DCM Offroad- Swag.

    Great Lakes Four Wheel Drive Association- Swag

    RCV Performance- Gift Card, Swag

    Maui Jim Sunglasses - 2 pairs of sunglasses (winner's choice)
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    ill let you know in the next week gonna mark it down on calendar and work things out cant wait
  4. WSI

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    Jan 15, 2012
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    I'm pumped. I am starting my beard! Actually 3 days ago... I'm going Yukon style!
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    This will be like one of them Folklore tales....full of myths, tall tales and Legends!!
    Man..I wish I could go:shocked:
  6. WSI

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    WSI has pledged a race rack as a donation to the raffle, this is going to a great cause guys!

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    Sounds like a great time. We might have to take road trip out from jersey. We are proud to be a part of this!!

    IRONMAN Administrator Staff Member Admin Super Mod

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    Jun 21, 2010
    Checked the schedule and I'M FREE!
    Just need to get my Co-pilot.
  9. Kanakry

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    Mar 24, 2012
    Great Lakes Region

    You guys should come out!!!
    You won't be the farthest one coming.:secret:t

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    I'll add an attendance thread to the bottom when people start registering. The early you register the lower truck number you will have.


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