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Ryan James Nolan

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Nov 16, 2019
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North Idaho
Hey fellas,

I’m new to off-roading. I see a lot of trucks running chase racks. Even the new Raptor Shelby Baja edition has one. Other than the awesome looks, and the added space for more lights. What is the actual function of the chase rack? I see different tire mount styles but is that all it’s good for?
Those arent chase racks, they are useless trash. Companies like Foutz Motorsports and SDHQ make legit chase racks. I'll be buying one through one of those companies because it's where I'll store my spares, Jack, air tank, maxtrax, etc. They serve a purpose for those in the desert game, plus they look badass.


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Sep 24, 2017
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New Orleans
Chase racks came about from off-road racing support trucks that needed to access tires & parts quickly to repair broken trucks quickly in the middle of nowhere. To each his own on style & set-up but in general you need or should have 2 spares, gas & water cans, high lift jack set up for soft ground, lights above the cab, rear marker lite, GPS & antenna mount, tools etc. Most groups or organized runs require most or all these items and I have seen trucks in Baja & back wood trails lose 2 tires at once, the rest of the stuff is common sense when your in the middle of nowhere. For street queening its just looks, but with the additional weight in the rear on the Gen 2s (IMO) it helps with the notoriously tail happy rear. Here are a couple of pics of my Gen1 cage I custom made, still working on my Gen2. View attachment 134366

View attachment 134368
I just came here to say, that is a rad chase rack. :smoke2: