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Jun 28, 2019
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My work takes me on many car wrecks, multiple and single cars. It’s rare that someone is seriously injured oddly. I guess the safety standards are working.

I will say that the most impressive one I have experienced was a teenager driving down the road with the right of way when a car of church ladies traveling the opposite way didn’t judge the gap well enough and turned left in front of her, causing the young girl to attempt to avoid a collision.

According to witnesses, her car kartwheeled into the air, hitting and knocking down the entire the traffic signal and supporting structure that was 20 ft over head, finally coming to a rest upside-down.

The girl walked out with just a cut above her eyebrow. What was she driving?…

A Subaru. I guess those ads aren’t too far from the truth. Who knows, just my 2 cents.