Wheel/tire setup to narrow......

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Jun 30, 2013
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Im needing some opinions/help on what to do here.
Previously, I had 17x8.5, 0/4.75 offset methods and 37/12.50/17 copper STT pro tires on the truck. They looked great and filled up the fenders. It was time for new tires, so I bought the same spec method wheel, just different style.
I ended up getting some Toyo RT 37/12.50/17 to be a little more street friendly and after I installed everything, the truck look more narrower, especially in the front with my +2 wider fenders (looks like a partial train car).
Come to find out, the cooper tires, even though they are the same size as the Toyo, are 1/2” wider due to design.
So I'm trying to see where I should go from here. New set of wider/different offset wheels or possibly get 13.50 tires (will these even fit without issues?? Ive seen the spacer idea thrown out there also.
I think it would look ok if I put my factory front fenders back on, but I may just deal with it before I do that.
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