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Wheel Offsets Explained

Discussion in 'Ford Raptor Wheels & Tires Forum [GEN 1]' started by shooterAMG, Dec 24, 2012.

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    Feb 8, 2019
    I am goin the other direction. Slightly..
    Looking at a 10” rim for 33x12.5x18 or 33x13x18.
    Looks like most “suggested” for a Raptor, 10” wide are -12 or more and 9” wide rims are anywhere from +18 to -12
    Looks like The back spaceing changes to help compensate for some of it..? Depending on the rim design.
    Trying to get the tire/rim right @ the fender lip or up to no more than 1” out side.
    Unless I miss understand the mechanics of it..?
    A 10x18 with an offset from +18 to 0 and a 32.5” to 33.7 tall tire should put the tire edge right about where I want it with no rubb8ng as the tire is about a half inch shorter than stock.
    A -12 offset might work..with the slightly shorter tire diameter..?
    More reasearch..

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