GEN 2 What started as cam phaser failure turned to broken rocker arms!!??

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May 19, 2020
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I’ll make this short as I’m looking for explanations before I go further. Slight ticking from phasers on a 2017 Raptor, nothing major. Remote started before walking outside one morning and walked out to my truck sputtering horribly. Would not idle and especially not driveable.

Had towed to service shop where they diagnose a cam phaser failure that jumped time. Multiple codes showing.

Used a borescope after pulling plugs and saw no damage on piston tops. Pulled valve cover off driver side (suspected initial failure side) and cam phasers still look good with springs intact. There the original “old style”. The confusing part is all 3 rocker arms on the intake side, cam closet to intake, are snapped. All 3 broken off on the side that attaches to pushrod. Of course I’m going to continue with repairs, upgrade to new phasers but WHY? HOW?

This isn’t my first engine rebuild but IS the first 3.5 tear down. I was for sure I would see a disintegrated phaser but never thought 3 rocker arms with no damage shown on the piston tops.

Anyone have a guess on what happened?