What did you do to your Raptor today? (Gen2)

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Jul 15, 2016
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Folsom, CA
Decided it was time to upgrade the brakes and swap out the wheels. Went with the PowerStop brakes and KMC Summit wheels in satin black with gray tint. Don't mind the wonky looking front bumper, I blurred out my plate.

I had other pics but for some reason I keep getting an error trying to upload them, "The uploaded file was not an image as expected". Not sure what is causing the error, they are jpeg photo files.
that's SICK! NICE!!


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Jul 25, 2021
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I changed the thermostat.

HL3E-8575-AA was in there
HL3Z-8575-B went in today w/ a new HL3Z-8255-A gasket
I had 1 gallon of Motorcraft VC-7DIL-B 50/50 (yellow) to refill from - assuming I would lose a little beyond what I was draining into jugs.

I drained the system from the petcock using 3/8" ID clear tubing - into emptied Distilled Water gallon jugs. I got a little over a gallon out.

When I popped the T-stat housing off, a metric ton of coolant glugged out. I used a Vacuum bleed kit to refill, and the process was amazingly simple. I only had to add - maybe 1 cup after it was warmed up.

The reason I did it: I was seeing
CHT of 233 normally - with up to 240 or 245 on interstate cruising (no boost, not "on it").
Oil temp would stay ~208-215

Tonight - 35 minutes of interstate driving once it was bled, warmed up, and checked
CHT ~208-215
Oil Temp 197-208
Is coolant so valuable it is worth reusing?

I don't reuse fluids, even if the coolant was changed 1000 miles ago, old comes out, new goes in.

Sorry, seen to many issues. Especially with coolant.

Years ago (20 almost) Ford would make us reuse the coolant when repairing the 6.0 powerstroke under warranty. Their claim was the new gold/yellow was far better than the old green stuff. And lasted for ever!!!

Welllllllll, history shows that coolant was garbage. It was a high silicate coolant and as the coolant degraded the silicate clumped together and fell out of suspension in the coolant where is plugged the oil cooler which caused the egr cooler flow to be restricted and thus over heat and crack which caused massive loss of coolant fast, which over heated and warped the heads.

In the end history shows that coolant maintainence or lack of was responsible for about 85% of non-fuel system (injectors) warranty repairs. And that the $75 ford saved on a repair at 25,000 miles then cost them $4000 head gasket repair at 70,000 miles

I don't reuse fluids, unless it is an emergency situation.
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