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Truck bed tents?

Discussion in 'Camping Hiking and Backpacking' started by BigJ, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. mcomcorp

    mcomcorp Member

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    Nov 19, 2015
    Miami, Florida
    Just looked at the Truck vault website. The two drawer system for the Raptor is $2695.00 I am stunned by these prices. This seems like highway robbery to me. This is something that is not complicated to build at home either in plywood or aluminum. (even 1" plywood is not too heavy in such a small bed) and including a "floor" to the set up would also be very easy. A single drawer or double drawers would also be easy since one could route grooves for runners in the floor and build them strong. Floor and top of one inch would weigh no more than 130 pounds. An even easier solution would be to use the molded slots in the plastic bed liner (there are three on each side about 6 inches wide each). and put 3 1 inch by 6 inch "beams" in them and then put two 5.5 by 3 foot 1 inch plywood sheets on top of them. That would weigh only about 43 1/2 pounds. That is nothing for the Raptor and that minimalist solution would be rock solid. (Just add 1 inch by 3 foot strips to the bottom side of the plywood to lock to the beams and nothing moves). It also comes apart for storage when not in use. The drawers underneath could simply be independent and run back and forth in the grooves of the plastic liner. You could use a RightLine Gear Truck Bed Tent on top and a Bedz mattress or even better would be an aerobed with headboard. That whole set up would cost about 500 dollars. How? (2) 3/4 inch plywood 3' by 5.5' = $60, (6) 1 inch by 5.5 inch by 6 feet poplar boards $100.00, (3) 6 inch by 6 inch by 11 inch tall supports for the beams $25.00, (6) 1 inch by 1 inch by 3 feet strips to lock plywood to the beams $10.00, and (4) 3 foot by 1 foot high by 2 feet wide plastic bind with tops $50.00. Total structure $245.00, plus $150 for the tent and $120 for the air mattress. All in total $515.00. And that is for the Riteline Gear truck bed tent. IMHO that is super easy to put together and has the same utility as the Truck Vault system. Plus it comes out and breaks down into a very small space in the garage.
  2. 98rangerdave

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    Nov 27, 2019
    High Desert 92392
    Not a raptor, but I’m using the RightLine gear bed tent (5.5’ bed) without issues. I also use the rightline gear bed air mattress. Great setup and easy to setup/takedown. Lots of space with the tailgate down.



  3. reptonet

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    Jan 9, 2020
    Phoenix, Arizona, USA
    I am planning to buy a Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent. My brother bought one for his truck and he said that they were very durable.

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