Triple Fog Light Kit & Rear Light Kits, Limited Time Offer Promo (Expires 7/31)


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Jul 15, 2017
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For a limited time, in addition to the sale prices:

Add a 2nd Gen Raptor Fog Kit to Cart, and add our new Pro Plug N Play Weather Proof Harness kit to cart, and the harness kit will be Free. ($69.99-$84.99 Value)


Add a Rear Light Kit to cart and add our new Plug N Play Tail Light Adapter to cart and it will be Free. ($44.99 Value)

Here are links to the compatible Fog kits (Note: Radiance/Scene/360 kits are UPGRADED from their standard included harnesses with this offer)


Rigid 360 Round Series

Rigid Pro Series

Rigid Pro Midnight Spot Series

Baja Designs Sport Series & Baja Designs Pro Series

Then add the harness to cart- (Choose your correct adapters, but if you mess up, we will send the right ones)

Here are the Rear Kit Links-
For the rear kits, here are the links to the compatible kits. (Note: We will upgrade you to the New Harness System automatically when you add the rear adapter to cart for the free offer.) (These rear kits include the FULL length harness to your switches. The tail Light adapter will give you BOTH reverse trigger and switch power on demand)

NOTE; Select the option "FULL REAR HARNESS ONLY" as you will be be adding the adapter for free.


SRL Rear

Rigid Pro Flood

Baja Designs S2

Then, add the adapter -

For those not familiar, we at strive to design and manufacture the best components for your Raptors and other vehicles. Whether its our Triple Fog brackets with the most advanced movement and adjustment in ANY direction, but not just in straight lines... they contour with the shape of the bumper. Or the fact they are high grade stainless steel with black powdercoat. We provide the best.

Or, or Universal Plug N Play Harnesses that take ALL the guess work out of wiring up your lights. Our new harness system is patent pending and is the most advanced plug n play harness you can find. It will plug into ANY light or Combination and includes matching weatherproof plug n play connectors for your switch wires! They were featured on the Motor Trend Network for their ingenuity.

Feel free to contact us with questions-

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