Transmission Failed on highway today

Discussion in 'Ford Raptor Problems and Questions Forum' started by mongiema, Feb 15, 2014.

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    Dec 17, 2012
    Take it to Canada, there's a 100,000 km warranty there :), you still have 3 0r 4000 ks to go!!
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    Feb 2, 2012
    As of now heres where I'm at. The truck was towed to the dealer I purchased the vehicle at and as I said previously they said $6,500 for the new trans installed with three year warranty. Since I can't see myself paying ford over 6k for a new trans at 60k miles I'm currently trying to get around that. Yesterday I went down to the dealership and talked to the service manager who I've become friendly with through owing this truck and having it serviced there ect.. He basically told me strait up that the car is out of warranty by a thousand miles and also has a tune so the does not think ford will cover it.
    He was able to get me in with the manager of the dealership to discuss this matter and what could possibly to be done. He agreed to try and work with us and said he will talk to ford and try and get back to me tomorrow. This afternoon I got a call from the service manager saying that he talked to ford and they said to take the trans apart to see what exactly broke and then they would make the decision…(i found that interesting because the dealer was so quick to say the trans was completely shot and to quote me at $6500 for the job..)..

    other options I've explored: I contacted a local transmission shop "Gold Seal Transmissions" who is very well known and respected in the area.. after telling him my situation he said said for the dealer to warranty the job.
    ..But if not we discussed possible options..

    ...on a side note they also told me that the boots on my front axels are shot.. and that would be $1,050….this is getting expensive!

    Currently I'm waiting for them to call me back today with an update/decision….
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    ya no shit! I know the raptor trans is more but I just replaced the one in my DD 06 f150 with a new one from ford for $1900 (5 year, 36,000 mile warranty) I have to send the old one back to them or its another $600 though. 6,500 is crazy I wonder how much there claiming is labor.
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    OP - If your trans is officially "kaput," talk with your dealer about the possibility of repairing the trans via an "AWA" (After Warranty Adjustment) job.

    It sounds like you ran out of the factory warranty VERY recently and the AWA program provides the dealer a chance to help a loyal customer in these types of situations.

    Keep in mind that the dealers are more likely to authorize a AWA repair job when the customer is a "regular" who has paid for routine service/maintenance at the same dealership. IIRC, this program is solely at the dealership's discretion.

    Read up on the AWA process (Google should have some examples of it listed on other message boards; I've read about this previously on Blue Oval News in regards to Cobras in years past). See if your service writer and/or the dealer's GM or owner will work with you (you may have to fork out a small percentage of the total repair bill - better than paying the FULL amount, ya know?).

    G'luck with the repair process btw & keep us posted.
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    Feb 9, 2012
    I have to wonder if the tune had something to do with the premature wear on the transmission and Fords reluctance to help since you were only 1k over warranty.
    Dodge has previously offered me parts at cost when I had isues shortly after warranty, hopefully Ford will offer something similar.

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    Damn if you guys would have converted to the Metric system like the rest of the world your truck would still be in warranty. Bring that up with Ford.
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    I'm sorry to hear about the transmission. I can't believe it broke when you were out of warranty by 1k. I hope they find a way to help you out. I would definitely shop around for a better price. If you can rebuild it for have the price I would probably have that done by a reputable shop. This makes me want an HD torque converter. I'm willing to bet that's what failed and caused damage to everything behind it. Good luck with everything, I hope it works out.
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    if they are going to make you pay full amount I'd defiantly go aftermarket.
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    Trans temp normal when this happened?
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    Dec 13, 2012
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    is there something aftermarket you can do?

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    I'm not against tuners, but they adjust your transmission shift points and pressures and can definitely cause premature wear. Under normal driving the difference between a stock truck and a tuned truck is negligible, but those hard WOT tuner shifts are not a good thing for the life of the transmission... just don't do it every day and in my opinion the benefits of the tuner outweigh their disadvantages.

    What perch adjustment are you on and how long have you been there?

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    I would assume so based on his description of when it happened. Heat is the #1 killer of a transmission, but that usually wears at the clutches and causes slipping. His problem sounds sudden which leads me to believe that possibly a single part just gave out. This does not work in the favor of not blaming the tuner. OP - Just out of curiosity, how did the dealer find out you had a tuner on the truck?
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