Trading my 2014 SVT truck for a 23 Avalanche tomorrow. Kind of misty about it.

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Sep 22, 2015
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I've been hunting for a new Raptor for a few years and finally found a MSRP deal.
My 2014 is finally getting the rust in the rockers and showing her age a little. Still love the truck but tempted by the new.
I'm going to trade her in tomorrow and I'm kind of sad about it. Tons of family trips in that truck and never once any drama.
I did get stuck in a big ass mud hole up on a hill and it didn't want to shift into 4WD but that was was about it. A little operator error.

I'm hoping the 23 gives me 9+ years of good times*

*if they try to screw me on the trade I'm gonna just drive her home.